Over time, leather jackets have become one of the most popular garments, worn by both men and women and perfectly finishing off any look. Of course, if you want to wear one of these jackets you will have to scratch your pocket to a great extent, if what you want is to have a good garment and not an imitation that will not sit too well and that also will not last too long in perfect state.

After spending good money on your leather jacket, you should take great care of it. That is why today we are going to give you a hand so that you know how to wash a leather jacket and be able to keep it in perfect condition for a long time.

In the event that you decide to buy a good leather jacket, but do not take care of it, it will not matter what you have worn since it will last very little and the leather will soon begin to peel. If you take care of it and pamper it every so often, your leather jacket will be part of your wardrobe for years and will surely be one of your essentials for any event and moment.

Before starting with the explanation of how to wash a leather jacket, we recommend that you carefully read all the instructions and advice that we are going to give you. Don’t be in a hurry, act calmly and don’t skimp when it comes to purchasing cleaning products as these can make the jacket last longer or end up spoiling quickly.

Clean The Jacket Exterior With A Damp Cloth

In the first place and to begin cleaning our leather jacket, we must use a damp cloth or even a wipe of the ones almost all of us have in our house, to eliminate any visible stain that our garment may have. Even if we do not see any stain, it is convenient to wipe it with this damp cloth or wipe, to remove possible dirt even if it does not have the shape of a stain.

It is almost impossible to damage the leather jacket with the damp cloth or washcloth, but be careful with moisture as too much moisture for our jacket can damage it. It is also not convenient that you do this type of cleaning every day, but every few weeks or even once every two months.

Use A Special Leather Cleaner

If your leather jacket has a serious stain, we should treat it with a leather cleaner, which is not water-based. With a cloth we must rub carefully until the stain disappears or at least is greatly reduced.

Be careful with the cloth you use as if you use a too abrasive fabric you can end up scratching the leather or damaging the jacket. It goes without saying that you should buy the leather cleaner in a trustworthy place and not anywhere, for a couple of euros, since as they say what is bought cheap, in the end can be expensive.

Repeat The Previous Two Steps

If after cleaning your leather jacket in the two ways that we have indicated, the stains or dirt have not completely disappeared, you need to repeat the process carefully as you did the first time.

These ways of cleaning your jacket is the least aggressive for it and in most cases it works well. If, on the other hand, you have not achieved the expected good results, keep reading that we will continue to tell you how to clean your leather jacket in a satisfactory way.

Hand Wash The Jacket In Warm Water

If the stains are not gone after trying to clean them with a damp cloth and using the special leather cleaner, you have come to try to clean our leather jacket in a more aggressive way. And we are going to wash our jacket by hand, of course carefully, and using warm water and mild soap.

To wash the leather in the most correct way and without putting our garment at risk, we must immerse the jacket in a small container filled with warm water and detergent. Detergents are usually very effective thanks to the chemical components they contain, which in no case will damage our garment.

After a few minutes to soak, you should rub the stained areas of the jacket using very gentle circular movements until the stains are removed. Then you should let the leather jacket dry, in a dryer if you have it or outdoors, which is undoubtedly the best way to do it, since we do not expose it to possible problems by putting it in a dryer.

The Last Option Is To Take It To The Dry Cleaner

If none of the formulas that we have shown you have worked as you expected and the stains are still present, the last option to clean our leather jacket is to take it to a dry cleaner where they will know how to leave it clean and shiny.

The main problem with this is that it will not be economical at all, and that is that most dry cleaners usually charge a fairly high price for cleaning leather garments. In addition, you should choose the dry cleaner to which you take your garment very carefully if you do not want to have problems.

In addition to all these tips that we have told you to clean your leather jacket, there are many others, which are just as valid as the ones we have shown you today. In addition, there are currently many ways to prevent stains on our leather garments, as well as to keep them in perfect magazine condition for a long time.

Do you know of any other way to clean your leather jacket? Tell us in the space reserved for comments on this post or through one of the social networks where we are present and eager to know the formulas you use to keep your leather garment spotless.

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